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We follow the story from @rasmuroe who blogs at mystorymyownwords

Mona stood at the edge of the flooded river terrified, looking at her lifeless body. She called grandma who was standing next to her but her voice could not help her. Grandmother’s face beamed with pride, looking at Mona’s body.

“I knew she’s strong. I just didn’t think she’d go this far.”
Mona couldn’t see who Grandmother was talking to, but she heard a voice responding to Grandmother saying, “She is ready. She was born a strong little girl, she doesn’t know it yet.”

Mona could not believe her second lesson involved dying. She wanted to scream but her voice was locked down her throat. She felt herself hovering over her body. “why does she feel so good about my death?” Mona thought to herself. Even her tears bailed on her when she wanted to cry.
“Well are you going to stand there and watch the girl all day or what?” that voice again. Mona felt a sharp jerk on her arm. She opened her eyes, bewildered. She thought she caught a glimpse of what was pulling her. Or who.

Before she could take a close look her whole body was jerked forward this time. A strong wind caught up in her throat. She jumped, gasping for air and choking at the same time. “Was I dead?” she asked, her heart beating furiously.
Mona realised her clothes were soaking wet.

“Did I just drown?”, she started screaming and the ground began shaking. “You pushed me into the water! Why d’you do that?”

“You better calm her down. We have done enough damage control for today” it was that voice again. This time Mona ignored it

“We had to push your spirit our of your body for a minute. It was not my idea.” Grandmother started explaining, carefully choosing her words.

“You just tried to kill me?” Mona hissed.

“This ability is your last line of defence should anything go wrong. It should never be used carelessly as there are many repercussions to this. You should only use it when you’re desperately desperate to escape. When pushed too far, you may cause a lot of destruction on your way out. That is why you cannot use this power anyhow.”

Mona felt overwhelmed by this information. It just registered in her mind that she did not recognise where they were.

“Did i teleport us again?” she asked. Why do i have to go through all these trainings anyway?”

“Child, I know you have so many question. Lets sit down and have a little conversation” Grandmother said leading her to a nearby rock.

“You see child…” Grandmother started as they sat comfortable by the rock, “it has everything to do with the Ghostwitch.”

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