Self Acceptance

So many times we have seen people trying to fit in into lives that are theirs. They are working so hard to change who they are or to hide where they come from. They may be feeling embarrassed by their life situations, or, they are simply trying to make themselves feel better by presenting a…

Who could really win a girl’s heart?

As usual, I was scrolling through my twitter feed looking for something interesting until I came across a tweet that was somewhat funny. It gave me the impression that “men will always assume they know what women want until they start talking about what women want”. I guess I had found my “something interesting”. Someone…

Quick Question: what is Self?

The you that remains when everything is taken away. When everything changes and there’s no more factors influencing you. Self is one thing we are born into and born with. However it does not grow on it own. It needs to be nurturedured, cultivated and taken care of. What do you think?

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